:: I can't believe it! ::

:: I'm sitting here while my two little babes are napping & I'm filling out preschool forms, seriously, my babe is going to preschool in September! ::

:: This whole "school" process has ran up and bit me in the butt! You would think since I've taught in classrooms and been around school for most of my 28 years that I would have thought a little more about the fact that sooner or later I must register my little big boy into school!?!? Nope, not me, not a once! ::

:: None of the process terrifies me, it's just so foreign to be signing MY child up for it! ::

:: At any rate we will begin the rat race this September of the good 'ol "school days" and probably throw some speech therapy in there for good measure. Jacob knows his words, he's just choosing not to use them. This is annoying and frustrating for this Mama, so yesterday we went to the doctor and received a referral for a speech therapist. It's good, I've been told to start earlier than later, so here we go! ::

:: This process has definitely absorbed a good portion of our energy and brains in the last 72 hours, deciding where they (because they'll be one year after the next) will go to preschool, elementary school etc etc etc. We (even though we are Christians) don't think that going to a Christian school is the only way to go, so we are looking into all options and I think we have decided to go with the Traditional route. Yes, it'll be a drive for me but so would any school that we take the boys too! ::

:: I'm off to read over and finish filling out these forms - Happy (totally crazy) Tuesday People! My kid is going to preschool - Yikes! ::

:: Ps. My son got the last spot in the morning class - Glory Glory, someone was taking care of us! ::


Crystal said...

Wow how time has flown:)
I just was visitng with a girlfriend yesterday, and her little guy is 17 months and not talking at all yet. She is feeling quite discouraged as well, I know it must be frustrating, but know you are not alone..he will come around and when he does you probably wont get him to stop talking! He's such a sweet little boy, and his actions sure say a lot;)

Jason and Kristin said...

Crazy! Preschool already!!!
Where did you decide to put him for preschool?

Rachel said...

We did the whole speech therapy thing with Chad. Really a lot of work but completely worth it in the end for the child and parents. Communication is good!
Going to preschool will also encourage his speech to come along as well.

Laura said...

Wow, school days are starting! Crazy. Ethan had speech therapy too, it really helped. If you haven't already booked someone, you should talk with Lisa about it. The girl Ethan had, Lainey, was awesome and Ethan really connected with her even though he's shy. I know Jacob will be talking up a storm in no time... then you might even wish for these days again! ;)

Kristin said...

Preschool. He's at that 'old enough for preschool stage' already?! Seriously, when did that happen! Congrats on getting the convetted morning spot!

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