:: The Bachelor - Week 7 ::

:: Oh meeee, oh myyyy! ::

:: What a full episode last night! ::

:: So Mr. Jason had his three dates fly to New Zealand to have his overnight dates with them. They were all amazing dates {not to mention that he ended up in the hot tub with each of them!} ::

:: Jillian was first up and they had a fabulously steamy date - however you could tell that he wasn't quite there with her, it seemed as though his mind was travelling ::

:: Molly and him also had a great date, less physical {from what they showed us} but still a great date of getting to know each other. She ended up having a list of almost 20 questions to ask him...just in case they end up engaged and she doesn't know his favorite ice cream!?!? ::

:: Melissa, oh Melissa...their electricity is overwhelming! They are so powerful together and the passion he feels for her is SO evident! She's real and candid and she needs him - he loves her ::

:: So it's sad but true but Jillian was not given a rose last night...yes I know, she was the one that I thought would be through until the end ::

:: This is what I think: Jason loved Jillian and he could totally make a relationship work with her. However, she doesn't NEED him, she lives a full satisfying life with our without a man {Go Canadian Girl!}. Jason loves that Melissa NEEDS him, he can be her comfort ::

:: So here's my theory: Jason wanted to love Jillian as much as he loves Melissa, but it wasn't there. But Jason doesn't love Molly as much as he loves Jillian. So to make it easy on himself and take away the distraction {Jillian} he decided to not give her a rose, to keep Molly as he knows that she is third place and he can then focus more of his energy on Melissa. You got me? If you notice after he said good-bye to Jillian he went back to Molly & Melissa and he spoke about the future and them meeting his family & Ty next week - but that whole time he was ignoring Molly and speaking directly to Melissa {it's so obvious now} ::

:: Good-bye Jillian, hope you had a great time and I hope that you will find someone who loves your independence and direction, you TRULY deserve it! ::

{Seriously, could she be ANY cuter!?!?! }

:: Ps. Do you think that Jillian will be the next bachelorette? I don't think so, I think she's too strong for that..however you never know! ::


susan said...

I couldn't believe last nights show!! Tad steemy don't ya think!

I agree with your theory...Molly is 3rd for sure! And Melissa has this in the bag! I don't think he'll propose though, he wants to meet her family and perhaps that needs to be done off camera.

I love Jillian...they were a perfect match. I am glad he cried at the end b/c I really think it was hard for him b/c she is so remarkable!!! Maybe she's TOO GOOD for him!

I totally noticed @ the end that he was talking to Melissa only, it was almost weird & awkward.

Looking forward to the next couple weeks...

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I think in another place, in another time, Jillian and Jason would've been fantastic together. But the spark wasn't there quite yet (even after the very steamy hot tub scene... goodness!)
I totally saw that too, how Jason spoke to Melissa and not Molly at the end. I agree - he loves Melissa. He gets giddy when she's around, and they are great together - just what each other is looking for.

Oh the drama when Deanna comes back... the scene with Jason crying on the balcony is too tough to watch! Poor guy :(

"Ladies Tell All" is always interesting... drama, drama, drama!

And what's this about some scenes having to be taped intimately? I can't wait 2 weeks to find out what that's all about!!

Nadine said...

I was shocked to see Jillan go but I get it now the way you put it. Jason seems like a guy that needs to be needed and Jillan isn't that girl. Although, I think she is some what needy, just not in the way that Jason wants to be needed.

Melissa is his girl, that is for certain! They have that connection where you don't have to say much but you have so much to say at the same time, if that makes sense. It's there physically and emotionally.

Molly is a cool girl but I don't think he's into her as much as he is Melissa.

The next two shows are definately going to be full of drama and intensity.

Jason and Kristin said...

I was shocked that he let Jillian go, but I totally agree with your theory! I think he needed to make it easuer on himself!
I wish the finale was next week! Oh...having to wait 2 more weeks! :)
And he IS totally in love with Melissa! She caught my eye from day 1 and I can't wait to see what happens!

Rishana said...

I too have to agree with your theory! I think that Melissa is the one!
I think that Jason is infatuated with Molly, not in love with her, besides that, if he thinks with his brain, he will know that a girl who has trouble showing affection, and one that has been brought up in a family where touch and "I love you's" don't really happen is not going to make a very good step mom. It is more then possible that a pregnancy and delivery of a biological baby could prompt a more physical type of affection, but I think it's unlikely that stepping into a "mom" position would create that life change. Just my thoughts!!! Anyways, I'm looking forward to see what happens!

Crystal said...

oh its going to be a drama filled season finally!! Can't wait to see what happens. And whats all this talk about we can't show certain parts of the taping because of how intimate it is or something ridiculous like that....I hope they are not just making it more than it is and its a big let down...lets keep the drama rolling:)!!

Kandis said...

So funny! My SIL called me with that same theory today!! Funny! Also, I am sad about Jillian, she was my fave....but definitley will be Melissa....if he picks Molly..oh my! Not cool....

Char said...

I have to admit, I screamed "No" at the top of my lungs when Jason sent Jillian home, he really wanted to love her, I think you are right.

Drama, drama, drama, that is all I have to say.

And yes Susan, a bit steamy...I was a bit flushed during the hot tub scene...yikes!

Shawna said...

All I can say is "I want a hot tub too!!!"

Tawn said...

OK!! Ladies - I JUST "slow-mo'd" a clip of the upcoming Bachelor (final rose) ... I had seen the preview so many times, but images just flash (ones with Deanna) ... SOOOOOOO ... LADIES ... Jason KISSES Deanna in one of the scenes. On the mouth - with his hand on her chin (like, does the guy have ANY other moves??? PAH-LEESE) *grin*.

Oh oh oh ... is all I gotta say.

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