:: The Bachelor - Week 6 ::

:: Okay, so didn't we all know what was going to happen this week? Geesh, they give enough build up and sneak peaks it almost gives the episode away! ::

:: So Jillian's family is delightful, honest, true to themselves, not proud and showy, just loving and real -- By far my family pick is them. Maybe because I'm Canadian, and thus I relate to them better, I'm not sure. He loves her like a good friend and wants to kiss her but I don't think that it's all there, he doesn't have his guard down with her {not like with Melissa} ::
:: Molly was up next in her lovely country club get-up, I see the spark between them but it's purely physical in my opinion. Jason also alluded to that as well, that there was just something that he felt that Molly wasn't telling him or letting him in on {he's a smart man} - nothing too earth shattering happened on their date, it was a good date, her family is normal but there is definitely a missing link in the relationship ::
:: Naomi's family was quite the schmozzle of a family. Now I must have missed something, I'm sure that her parents have to be divorced as her father is a very committed Christian and her mother is sure she knows Jason from a previous life and that they are in the same "soul family" - Good Golly! Naomi was cool through the hula-hooping and the dove burial but {so not surprised} she didn't get a rose. He said it was because they weren't in the same place, not because of her family {ha!}. She was upset but maintained her composure and left gracefully :::: Lastly was Melissa, her parents are very private people and thus didn't want to be on camera when the show came to her home town. That was a tough situation in itself not to add that Jason prodded when he was around her best girls about what her family was like and they had no idea! One of her girlfriends had met her mom briefly and couldn't even recall her dad. It's obvious that this worries Jason, how do your best buds not know your family at all?!!? But boy is there a connection between them, really a great connection. She is level & lovely. I'm still thinking that she's his and he is hers :::: And next week they are on vacation and have the infamous one on one overnight dates! And maybe Deanna returns, I'm not sure if it's going to be next week though, I think they might make us wait one more week after next weeks...we shall see! ::


anika said...

I loved Jillian's family too! They seemed real and genuine and fun and normal. She is probably my favorite.

As for Naomi's fam, I don't even know where to start -- last episode she did reveal when they were on their date that her mom left her dad and THEN Naomi said she sees her mom in her (remember?) ... What's with the slot machines in the family room? Weirdies.

Also, I really did not like Molly's family. I am not a fan of hers at all. I blogged about it, too, but didn't you feel like her mom was trying too hard to be fun? And then her dad's comment about 'whatever you do, don't cry'?! Weirdies too.

Amanda said...

Jillian is still my fave and then Melissa. But I think that because of him not meeting Melissa's family last night that it might effect how thier relationship continues (if it continues). How hard would it be to propse to someone and promise the rest of your life when you haven't met their family? Hmmmm....

I think that DeAnna is coming back in the finale before he goes out to propose. Such suspense! I love it!

ecrunner said...

There are always curve balls on these types of shows... which is why I am not surprised to see DeAnna making a return.

As far as Naomi's family, did anyone see his facial expressions when he saw the dove!? Priceless.... wish someone was there taking pictures of it.

jamiedelaine said...

Mmm. JILL is my favourite!! I've been watching the past 3 weeks consistently and I ADORE that girl. Big fan. I like Melissa too....but not as much as Jill. I agree. Molly and him just have physical chemistry..it's not going anywhere. And I think Naomi being kicked off was the right choice. She's sweet, but not ready to settle down and he knew that, and WEIRD FAMILY (or mom). Yes they got divorced when she was 11. :)


Crystal said...

I am being the black sheep here, and I am still going for Molly!:)
Wasn't it so cool seeing Kelowna on the show...loved it!

Laura said...

I think Jillian has the best character - depth, compassion,
loyalty. I think Jason really respects her and likes her as a person, but I'm not sure how much romantic chemistry is there... so we'll see what wins in the end!

I thought it was a good idea for Molly to take Jason golfing - it truly represented a part of her life and family. And guys like girls who are active and fun! Smart cookie :) She's done things all along to make herself stand out to Jason, she's smart in that
way. I think she's used to getting what she wants... Nothing against her, but I think the main thing her and Jason have is chemistry, not depth. Looks like she might open up next week though...

I really like Melissa, and think it shows a lot that she's as great as she is with having an unsupportive family - yet she shows character by not putting them down. She was honest about her disappointment but she didn't bash them - when it would've been easy to! I think there's more of a spark/attraction with Melissa than with Jillian though - he was giddy to see her last night.

Naomi... not much to add, we all knew it was her time to go. I must say though that it always riles me up how TV always shows Christians to be so freaky.

I already feel so bad for Jason, when DeAnna shows up - poor guy! I think she'll appear on the final show, after next weeks' overnight dates. Speaking of... I also feel so horrible for the girl who gets cut after the overnight date - how could you not feel that it was because of what happened during that time together? Sad :(

Kandis said...

Jillian ALL the way!!
Naomi and Molly just need to go home. Molly always has the "right" things to say...so fake.
Melissa is great, but still too "young" for him, I think.
Can't wait till next week!!

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