:: Quite Pathetic! ::

:: This blog that is! All I have written about in the past three weeks (or more!) has been The Bachelor, although it is a totally fun topic ~ it is not what this blog is based on! ::

:: So, this is to let you know that I will be back in full blogging force and lots of yummy updates..well, maybe not yummy but an update non the less! ::

:: Here are a few things we have been busy doing: Going on a trip to Whistler with Paul's fam, updating my site, taking children to doctors appointments, going to get dental surgery for myself, baking up a storm, planning our spring conference & eating healthy (I'm on a very restricted diet) - besides all these things I have blogged, I just haven't taken the time to edit and post them. But I promise they will be coming soon! ::


Laura said...

You got dental surgery? What happened?
Saw your video about the Conference yesterday at church... you looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, gorgeous :)
Glad to hear you'll be back full force soon... I miss you and hearing all about your life and family!
See you tomorrow night!

Kristin said...

Hooray....welcome back to Blogland...I missed this window into your days!!!

Dental. Surgery. Eek.

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