:: Women's Wednesday - Fashion Fabulous ::

:: Hey Girls! Here's an invite to a super fun Women's Wednesday tonight. We're talking all about fashion, make-up, skin-care & the inner beauty of a woman ::

:: We have fabulous surprises, give-aways & gifts, so come bring a friend, a Mom, a cousin, a sister...there will be something for everyone! ::

:: Our specialty drink of the month is a "London Fog" ~ So come and celebrate your girlie side, get a hot drink, enjoy some great fellowship and leave with a gift...what could be more fun?!?! ::

:: Here are the details ::

Ps. we may just have a special on tickets for Absolute Adoration so make sure you come to pick up your tickets at the resource center!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Sounds like so much fun...sorry to miss it....praying for you...MCRO

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