:: Love Day ::

:: Paul and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day a few days early to avoid the craze in the restaurants and to sit back and enjoy each other ::

:: We had Aunty Lindsey come over and baby sit the boys and then we headed out to White Spot for dinner & a movie ::

:: We had a great time at dinner and we saw New in Town with Renee Zelwiger (sp?) - the movie was fabulous, full of great laughs and tons of fun! ::
:: Paul surprised me with a sweet little bracelet from Tiffany & co and I made him some Oreo truffles and bought him a new pair of jeans ::

:: We celebrated Valentines day with the boys on Saturday (the actual day) we gave them each a personalized cupcake and just enjoyed the day together ::

:: It was awesome to be in the midst of the ones that I love SO much! ::


Crystal said...

oh I do love that blue bag:)*grin*

susan said...

Oh...Tiffany & Co...how I love that store so.

Christy said...

Pretty present! Lucky girl...

Kristin said...

Wonderful! Time together, lovely gifts, an evening away. Me thinks that Happy Valentine's were had by all!

Nadine said...

I'm a big fan of the blue bag/box! Sounds like a fantastic day!

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