:: Exciting Times: My New Toy ::

:: Who on earth gets excited about a new vacuum...I do I do! Since we have moved into our "new" place with tile, laminate, linoleum & carpet, I have been looking for the "multi-purpose" tool to clean all of these floors without having to vacuum, sweep & swiffer them. So the other night when we were out shopping in the States I found this handy little machine for $19.97 (any guesses as to where I got it?) ::

:: Anyway today I had the opportunity to try it out; WoW, who knew such a little machine could have such mean (in a good way) suction! It's great, I did all of my floors - including a few of my stairs in 2 minutes flat, gotta love that! ::

:: So if y'all are looking for a mean dirt sucking machine that is lightweight, easy to put away (mine is hanging on my mop/broom/swiffer hook) then you have to get one of these! ::

:: Here are the features ::
Converts to a multi-purpose vacuum or hand vacuum.
Weighs only 4 pounds.

Works well on upholstery, carpet, bare floors and more.
Ergonmically designed comfort grip handle.
Easy to empty dirt cup.
Cord wrap storage on handle.
Full one year warranty.


Jessi said...

We have the same one, but it's white! I know what you mean, our entire house, minus the bedrooms are laminate and I hate all the dustbunnies that accumulate in minutes after sweeping. Is yours cordless too???

Happy Cleaning

Canadian Kristin said...

Anything that makes cleaning quicker and easier: Awesome!

Theresa said...

That is so great! I will have to get one of those because I am OBSESSED with the floors now that I am home full time with my kiddo. Our floors are mostly laminate as well but I have a couple of rugs that need vaccuuming so your new toy sounds perfect!

Meghan B said...

I guess Target...

Gotta get me one of those!

Jennifer said...

I bought a $3500 one from Tristar and I can't really rave about it like you can about yours. Maybe I should have shopped around...

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