:: That's not funny...::

:: Being a mother can be so cruel! ::
:: I made coffee this morning at 8:10 am....at 11:57 am I had yet to have a cup...and now it's 2:15 pm and since the boys are finally sleeping I should be having coffee, but instead I'm complaining to you. So if you wonder why I haven't been on here to blog lately..need I say more?!?!? ::


Jessi said...

Man, I only have one right now and I feel like that most days...where does the time go and why am I always cleaning instead of eating breakfast or enjoying some joe! Hope you're evening is a little more relaxing!

Keri's Collage... said...

I feel your pain! The days I am home, I find that I start my day off with a steaming cup of coffee. By 2:00 I have heated it 3times. At supper time, I heat it again. Clean up from supper and just drink it cold. Motherhood.

Canadian Kristin said...

Sister-friend, invest in a carafe....or you may not get a hot coffee for a few months (dare I inform you: years?!) to come!!! :-)

May tomorrow's coffee be enjoyed hot off the pot at the start of your day!!!

Rachel said...

All that fuss and bother....makes me glad I don't have a coffee habit :)

Amanda said...

I am thankful I don't drink coffee! I have cut down on the tea during the pregnancy so I think I'll be okay once baby comes! As long as I don't START the coffee thing because I need energy! haha!
Hope you enjoy a full, hot cup soon!

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