:: Girls or Boys ::

Who is easier to raise?

In my opinion I think boys are easier (Lisa. B would beg to differ) - I would love to have all boys.

I know ya'll think I look like quite the prissy factory, but truly I am not. I love the "rough 'n tumble" way that boys are. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a little girl to be prissy with - when I get the urge. But I love little boys!

I think that raising a little boy (if he is anything like his father) would be much easier than a girl - Paul is simple..okay that sounded bad, but you know what I mean. He is truthful, intergral, trustworthy and just an all around good guy.

So this gives me great hope with raising Jacob or any other little boys that come our way...as far as any girls coming our way - Well, God be with us!


Canadian Kristin said...

Honestly, having both and comparing.....I can't say one is easier than the other! If you truly treat each child as the individual God made them to be....there is a big, fat learning curve with each new addition to the family! ;-) My boy has his emotional moments, my girl can fight her way through a wrestling match as good as her brothers!!!

Kori said...

I am Kristin's sister and just came across your blog from hers. I have one daughter & one son. If I had to choose a third child I am not sure I could. They are both unique and wonderfully made but have challenged me in different ways. So I guess it depends on what you are up for :)

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