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Well, the lack of posts isn't because I don't have things to post about but due rather to the fact that for the last 2 1/2 days we have been living at my parents place. We had a rather large storm that cut our power out on Wednesday morning and it was finally turned back on late last night.

However since we were already at my parents place we decided to stay so we didn't have to pack up everything and unload late at night.

So I will be posting pictures of Paul's 30th Birthday Bash, My Birthday, My Dad's Retirement Dinner and anything else that happened or was captured on my camera.

Since there was no cable vision last night (and being at the retirement dinner) we are planning to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight and catch up on laundry and unpack our lives back into our home.

I will be back with pictures in a moment...or a few :)

Here is a picture from My Dad's retirement party back on October 1st:

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Canadian Kristin said...

What a busy few weeks you've had! Crazy and fun to get to "camp out" at your parents for a couple of nights, eh?! Bet Grandma and Grandpa loved having baby Jacob around extra!!!

Love the family photo.....!!!

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