:: Hollywood Divorce (Surprise) ::

Didya hear?

Britney Spears has written up divorce papers and served them to Kevin Federline...Surprise eh?!?!?!

Ugh, it disgusts me how marriage and the spiritual bond that is supposed to be in marriage is being deleted by ignorant selfish people!

I'm out to prove that you can be a whole individual, be married under God's commands and still have fun (a whole heck of a lot of fun)!

Wednesday, Nov 08, 2006
Britney Spears files for divorce, cites irreconcilable differences

The pop princess filed for divorce Tuesday from her husband, former backup dancer and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline. The Los Angeles County Superior Court filing cites "irreconcilable differences." Spears, 24, married Federline, 28, in 2004. They have a one-year-old son, Sean Preston, and an infant son who was born Sept. 12. The divorce papers identify the baby as Jayden James Federline.

In the divorce papers, which do not mention a prenuptial agreement, Spears asks for custody of the couple's two children, with visitation rights for Federline. The filing does list as separate property, and thereby off-limits to Federline, "miscellaneous jewelry and other personal affects," earnings and other assets to be determined later.

Spears' declaration that she and Federline had no community assets indicate the pair had a prenuptial agreement and don't want to disclose to the court their divorce settlement, said Leon Bennett, a divorce lawyer.

The filing also stated the marriage occurred Oct. 6, 2004, a few weeks after a widely covered wedding ceremony.

Federline at the time explained the two ceremonies by saying that the couple had moved the wedding date up to throw off the media, but doing so did not give their lawyers time to finish their prenup.

I really could care less about the selfish adults that are making these choices, but what about the kids - those poor kids. Lord, put people in Britney's life that will direct her to you as well as her children -- Keep them in your hand.

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Amanda said...

I agree with you 100% Shawna! People nowadays are way too SELFISH and SELFCONSUMING!! I can't stand it! They do only think of themselves and they don't sit and think long and hard about how if will affect the lives of their children. I heard that Brittany didn't even warn Kevin. Maybe if she had done that they would have been able to figure things out. People don't try hard enough anymore. Divorce is a too convenient way out and has become too easy to go thru that people figure...why not? I pray that my marriage will remain strong and continue to get stronger and that the marriages of my family and friends will not fail and that they will look to God for the answers.

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