:: Happy Birthday Daddy ::

:: It's my Dad's 50-something-young birthday today...he was born @ 10:15 am. He was a "surprise" baby for my Grandparents. He is 13 years younger than the middle brother in his family, so he really was quite the surprise. His eldest brother just turned 70 a few weeks ago! ::

:: Dad, you have been a fabulous role-model and someone who doesn't strive for anything but excellence. Thanks for everything you are to not only me but to my little family as well! :: :: Happy Birthday 992! ::


jamiedelaine said...

Happy Birthday Bob!! That's a cool picture, I've never seen a younger picture of him. You should post a shot from Bob + Jo's wedding. I've always wanted to see that. I never knew he was a surprise baby either, his oldest brother is 70? Never knew! :) Have a great day Shawna.

Lisa B. said...

Happy Birthday Big Bob! (aka "Gruncle Bob)

We love you bunches,

The Bakers

Dad said...

Dear Shawna,

What a picture. Brown hair and a 15 1/2 neck, yikes! That was long time ago.
Your one in a million. Thank you for who you are.
I love you sweetie.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob!! I hope you had a great day!

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