:: Toddler Times ::

:: We have been having so much fun with our sweet Jacob - He is growing up to be a big boy with sweet wonderful traits of Paul's and a few of mine thrown in for good measure ::
:: Some of the most wonderful things have been seeing his love transpire and change as he grows up. He is has such a sweet nature. He always gives kisses out, especially in the morning when he first wakes. He is quick to apologize if he has done wrong, and for the first time yesterday he was standing with us in church for the praise and worship and Pastor Brent asked everyone to raise their hands and he did exactly that...just break my little heart why dontcha!?!?! ::
:: Jacob we love you and your crazy ways! ::
:: Here are the latest pictures of the adventures in toddler time :: :: Our latest adventure in potty training ::
:: He has decided to no longer nap in his bed but in his chair instead - strange child!?!?! ::
:: Look at him, lookin' all grown up 'n stuff! ::

:: We were preparing dinner last week and before we knew it he had fallen asleep in the high chair --- This has never happened before, and nor has he ever gone to bed without dinner. But he did this night ::

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Keri's Collage... said...

Funny boy! My Vanessa napped in crazy places too!

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