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:: I have been trying to drink less coffee (not that tea is SO much better) but I have to share with you the tea I love ::
:: Tetley Earl Grey Vanilla -- It's not sweet (I don't like sweet drinks) but it has a very subtle hint of vanilla :: :: So if you're feeling like trying something out of the norm, try this tea...I'm sure you'll be delighted! ::


Amanda said...

Yummy! Looks like a good one! Is it decaf?

Shawna said...

Yeah -- That is the only draw back is it's not decaf and I don't think they have brought out one that is.

I indulge in it even though it's not decaf - one cup isn't going to kill me or my bf'ding babe :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Ahhhhhh, enjoy the moment with some vanilla tea! Vanilla....just the word makes me feel calm....ahhhhhhhhh....... enjoy your day, Shawna!

Christy said...

Mmmm.......certainly sounds yummy except if I have even a sip of anything with caffine in it I won't sleep for weeks!

Annika said...

Hi Shawna!
This has been my favourite for a very long time and I consider myself a tea expert! Very good choice!

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