:: Our Saturday (The Great Tree Take-down) ::

:: We had a crazy day today -- this has been a on-going project to remove said tree in this picture. It has been the bain of Paul's existence since we moved in almost a year ago. He hated (yah, hated) that pine tree...I kinda liked it but I guess I'm a tree hugger :: :: Paul got the approval of city hall and we were on our way to chopping it down ::
:: My proud-tree-cutting-man-with-more-hair-on-chest-for-cutting-tree-down (with the help of the hitch on the back of my van and me driving...is he crazy!?!?) ::
:: Finishing pruning the last smaller branches. For the last two weeks it has been a bare tree, no branches just a crooked naked tree ::
:: This is what I left the boys doing (nothing like a man and his toys - Tony came over to lend a truck, I mean hand) ::
:: And this is what I arrive home to ::

:: Look at that hole! ::

:: This has been an on-going tree-take down. We started the process at the beginning of February and it's just down now. But it's down now, and I just have a big hole in our side yard along with a huge stump in our driveway! ::

:: More to come on where I was when this fun was all going on....::


Christy said...

Hey Shawna.......I bet you ahve a very happy husband! Certainly looks much cleaner without the kind of half tree. Congrats!

Rachel said...

Just curious if you are going to plant a new tree to replace it?

Canadian Kristin said...

He is Paul...and I think I heard him roar!!! ;-)

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