:: My Day Today ::

:: While the "Great Tree Take-down" was happening, I was at Amanda & Jordan's taking pictures of her still pregnant body (she's due on Thursday - that is the truth, no lie, I know she looks too good, but it's the truth. Deal with it!) ::
:: I wish I could have chosen a few key shots, but she was such a good subject and Baby Fro was very accommodating so I just had to post almost all of my favorites ::
:: The baby belly - I think this one is truly one of my fav's :::: Can you feel the love? :: :: Beautiful belly ::
:: Beautiful Amanda ::
:: Watch the baby move ::
:: Isn't it amazing!?! ::
:: What contentment ::
:: Isn't she fabulous!?!?! ::

:: Just waiting ::

:: This was taken in front of a red wall in her kitchen, it was a great place to shoot ::
:: I love the detail shots :: :: The reflection off her kitchen table ::
:: Her wedding ring set on the belly against the red wall ::
:: Almost cooked ::
:: Waiting... ::

:: Thanks Amanda & Jordan, I had a great time and Amanda you are amazingly beautiful. I still can't believe it's almost time! ::
:: Hope you enjoy your shots ::


jamiedelaine said...

Aw Shawna - These are beautiful! I love the upclose detail ones. You have such an eye, you blow me away!! And wow, Amanda looks AMAZING for being almost 9 months!!

Mom said...

Great shots,Hon....gorgeous subjects, too. History captured...amazing job!

Christy said...

Love the photos Shawna......what are you doing the beginning of July :) Can't wait to have a tummy like that and can't wait to find out who this wee one is that God have given J&A!

susan santos said...

Shawna you are an awesome photographer! The photos are beautiful - I am sure it helped having such a gorgeous model. I tend to look a lot "puffier" shall we say when I am days away from giving birth! What a keepsake!

Canadian Kristin said...


Great photos, Shawna! What a beautiful subject Amanda is!

I just love, love, love that Amanada's belly has a heart on it! So sweet...they love their baby so much that Mommy and Daddy's hearts were over-flowing and so another heart blossomed on Mommy's belly!

Michelle said...

I don't mean to be redundant, but, they are great shots. Maybe I should hire you to take my belly shots next month! This time I'll have Lennah on the outside with TBA!

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