Unto the Lamb

:: During this Easter, I pray the very reason we celebrate Easter is close to your heart and that you are aware what our Saviour, the Lamb did for you. I know I am! ::

:: I'm almost ready to celebrate the Sabbath with my family, one bathroom to clean, a few more clothes to iron and another batch of Paska to put in the oven ::

:: Ps. I heard this song about a year ago - it's simply overwhelmingly touching to me ::


Chris said...

I doubt it would be worth your while for me to ship the chair to you , I checked out your cake site , wonderful, if you live here I would work for you , I have a real passion for your kind of baking , and cupcakes don't get me started >
Thanks for commenting so I could find you ,

Agnes B. said...

Rejoice for our Lord has risen.
A very Happy Easter to you and your family, Shawna.

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