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:: Hey Y'all! Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been ankle deep in planning for our Absolute Adoration conference (more on that later), plus doing cakes, planning family events, let alone dealing with the daily grind. Life is busy! ::

:: At any rate, I writing this post for your opinion...Paul and I want to get away on just a short little trip aka meaning a cheap trip. We will not be taking our kids on this trip, it's just for Paul and I. So we're thinking of Vegas. Neither of us have been to Vegas, and figure that it would be a good mixture of Sun, Shopping, Sights & Relaxation ::

:: This is where you come in -- Have you been to Vegas, if so, what is your opinion of Vegas? ::

:: Be honest, I've heard many people say "Vegas is great, but" - bear in mind that we don't have much moola to spend and Vegas would hit the spot as we would probably stay with one of Paul's friends that lives there, which would mean hitting up a show or two! ::

:: I'm open to hearing about the hotel you stayed at, the shows you went to, the places you ate and the best spots in town ::

:: Thanks for all your help! ::

:: XO - *S ::


Our little Pumpkin Seed said...

That is so funny, Ed and I are planning a getaway to Vegas in May without kids too. Vegas is fun, we haven't picked a hotel yet, but we have a great time when we go! There is great shopping in Vegas! Cheap flights to Vegas right now out of Bellingham!

Shawna said...

Thanks Trista -- Are there any hotels that you would suggest?

Our little Pumpkin Seed said...

MGM, Treasure island, Paris or Bally, my family has stayed at all of these and would reccomend any of them. Vegas is a great getaway for 2-3 days.

Nadine said...

Richard and I have been trying to get back to Vegas. It's a great getaway for cheap. We went last May, stayed at Treasure Island. The hotel is nice, has decent food (HUGE portions) for decent price, and it's a nice central location. We have both been to Vegas by ourselves, I stayed at the Bellagio and Richard at Treasure Island. I loved the Bellagio but it's pricy! Richard found TI great for the price that we went back.

We went to see the show at TI, Mystere. It's a entertaining show. Good laughs and of course Cirque is amazing.

Fun shopping, great sights, and you can do it on the budget.

Looking forward to FINALLY meeting you next weekend. See you at the conference, SO looking forward to it!

Crystal said...

well, I think we talked briefly about this other day in the car, but I guess i didn't say to much accept how much I love Cirque!
anyways, i have been once. I stayed at imperial palace. its one of the cheaper older hotels, the casino..which is the foyee basically stinks pretty bad like smoke, but the rooms are smoke free, and clean, and its got a decent pool! Its right across from Cesar's palace so the location is fantastic! there is cheap outlet shopping, which i never got to, but apparently off of the strip somewhere, or fantastic shopping right next to cesar's palace..oh and there is a cheesecake factory..need I say more:)!
be prepared to walk a lot if you really want to enjoy the stripe..you can spend a couple days just wandering through the amazing hotels and checking out the achitecture..which is cheap entertainment! or you can lay by the pool. Depending on what time of year you go..if you want a spot at the pool..go early! and yes, fly out of Bellingham for cheap flights if you stay with friends:)!

ok..hehe..and one of my favorite things about Vegas..but not for everyone, is that you can shop with a drink in your hand:)*grin*

susan said...

Allan & I went a couple summers ago & we had a great time. We got a flight/hotel package & stayed at Planet Hollywood (I guess it used to be the Aladdin?) it's totally redone & is really nice. I'd stay there again - it is central on the strip & has a HUGE MALL IN the hotel!! We went to a couple outlet malls, one that was an hour or so away (we took a shuttle) and another one that was closer that we took public transit through the ghetto to get to. Going to both wasn't really necessary - and a drive through the ghetto is always eye opening. :-)

Vegas was never a place I really was interested in visiting but we really had a great time. We took in TWO Cirque shows because we loved the first one so much - they are well worth the money and are unbelieveable shows.

I'd go again, for the shows, the shopping, the people watching (!!) and just to get away and I would stay in @ the same hotel too. It is across from the Bilagio (sp?) and we had a "fountain" view which was really cool. Paris next door is really cool too...we went there for breakfast often - yummy pasteries!

I could go on & on...call me if you need more info!


Laura said...

I haven't been to Vegas in years and was a kid, so I can't say much. My parents stopped there for a few days on their way to Palm Springs this year, I'll ask them for more input! I do know they said it wasn't relaxing though... lots of walking and it's very "busy" there - people, lights, shows, music, etc.(as you would expect).
But I think it would be fun to go for something totally different, especially since it's not something you'd probably do with the young ones. And cheap flights plus a place to stay? Sounds perfect! I think you'd like it... lots of fun things/people to look at :)

Jennifer said...

oooh...we've been to vegas numerous times and have never been dissapointed. In my opinion any hotel on the strip is good. There is so much to walk around and see you really don't need much money. I'll look forward to seeing where you choose!!

Kristin said...

[sniff sniff] Shawn and I were to be leaving for Vegas on Thursday. This Thursday. As in, less than 2 full days from now.....Vegas. Just us. No kids. [sad] Been postponed by the company supplying the trip. [more sadness] Could really use that trip about now.

Christy said...

Hmm....wish I could help! Glad that you guys are getting away! How fun...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

What's a vacation?


(that's "crying out loud")

Jeannie said...

Hey Shawna - Craig and I went at the end of May a couple years ago. Stayed off the strip at the Orleans hotel. We had a good time, it was really warm and sunny. But watch out for US holiday weekends - we failed to notice that it was a holiday there, and it was crazy busy. I'd totally recommend it for a few days away for a couple. Its not all gambling. Its fun for the tacky, as long as you go with that in mind, its good. But I'm not sure about relaxation... there's too much to do, and sitting and putting feet up seems to go by the wayside! Have fun!

Jessi said...

I grew up spending lots of time in Vegas, we had good friends who lived there. I've always loved the city, at least the day time. You have to see one of the new Cirque shows...they're spendy but so worth it. As far as places to eat, the Mandalay Bay has by far the most incredible buffet on the strip. Like all you can eat king crab legs and so much more! I have to agree with Trista though, Vegas is fabulous, but only for 3 days max! have a fantastic time!

Keri's Collage... said...

We stayed at T.I. and loved it. It's at a good spot on 'the strip'. We requested a room with a view of the strip and it was fabulous!
Our room was beautiful and clean and we had a great time. We didn't spend much money (we played for 4 days on $100 and came home with $70 so that was good entertainment, not big gamblers as you can tell!). We walked through all of the beautiful hotels and did some window shopping. We saw a comedian and it was a clean show and super fun!
T.I. is connected by a tram to the Mirage and both have great restaurants and lots to offer!
We spent the days laying around the pool and the evenings enjoying the people-watching. Spent quite a bit of time watching the people playing at the tables.
We didn't have much money but had a lot of fun!!

Kori said...

I'll let you know in a month when we get back ;)
Couldn't resist the $29 flights :)

Char said...

Vegas is a greta place to go! So much to do and for not so much $.

Check out Allegiant.com, they fly direct out of Bellingham. The packages are ususally a great deal too.

If you plan to spend a lot of time sightseeing, don't spend big buck on a hotel, go to a show instead or eat out a really great places. If it is relaxation by the pool that interests you more, then stay somewhere a bit nicer.

We have stayed at the Luxor (quite nice), the Excalibue (budget, but still fine) and the Imperial Palace (this one is dead in the middle of the strip - so great if you plan to do a lot of sighseeing)

Get a daily bus pass, this will allow you 24 hours of transit, plan the day you go to the outlet to be included when you get the pass. There are various monarails from hotel to hotel, check those out.

Most important - bring good shoes! You will walk your feet off! Cute is great for dinner, but not for sight seeing - I know by experience!

Once you have booked let us know, we will give you more info...


Mike said...

Going to Vegas would be a lot of fun. Like traveling to other places you would not want to get disappointed. You have to be really prepared financially and you should have a good accommodation.

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