:: Palm Springs - Part 3 ::

:: Our very own lemon tree - In the yard of the house we stayed at there was this beautiful (very fruitful) lemon tree...we smelt the sweet nectar of the flowers every time the wind blew through the yard. It was amazing! :: :: My Boys playing in the pool - Jacob turned out to be a real fish by the end of the trip ::
:: Some beautiful flowers that were right by my head when I was sunning....that's the only reason I took a picture of them, the camera was close and so were they :) ::
:: Jacob enjoying the pool and Daddy dropping water on his tummy ::
:: Jacob's set up - we were able to set up the jolly jumper outside under the patio and then set up a little t.v./dvd player on a chair in front of him. So if he was bored with watching us swim he could just move himself around to the t.v. and enjoy his movie. ::

:: Still more to come... ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Smart idea!!! Glad you got some hands-free, kid-safely-in-jumper time!!!

Amanda said...

It's good to have him starting to love the pool now! YOu don't want a screaming toddler in the pool because he doesn't like it! He looks like he is having a blast!

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