:: Palm Springs - Part 7 ::

:: Paul and Jacob relaxing at the house :: :: Some nectarines from Shields Date Farm ::
:: Dates at the Shields Date Farm ::
:: The "Date Palms" at Shields Date Farm ::
:: My Boys at the date farm ready to have a taste of a "Date Shake" ::
:: And still, more to come...to be continued ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Yes..... I read that if you go to PS you HAFTA have a date shake....was it good? Were you scared to try it?!?!?! Did it have seed bits in it!?

Nickie said...

Hey Shawna! Welcome home! Your pictures look amazing! I'm so glad that you had a good trip. When do you guys move?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hon....just leaving and checked your blog....the pics look great...thanks for the good time together...see you real soon! Luv y'all, Mom

Amanda said...

Ya, how was the date shake??
You will have to tell me all the things to do in PS as we leave on April 12th for a week!! Staying Palm desert!

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