:: Weather Warp ::

:: Today is a bit of a weather warp...I'm loving the Summer, but ohhhh, I'm longing for the Fall ::

:: This is me sitting on my couch web-shopping. Watching the rain pour outside on a very chilly Summer day in August ::
:: Today has been a lovely day thus far, Mr. L got up with the boys, made the typical Saturday morning cinnamon buns and coffee and let me sleep in and BBM with my friends -- shhhh, don't tell him! I woke up to all the boys already dressed ready to head out the door to go to Toys R US and to pick up a movie for both us and the boys. What a treat for me, getting to do my own thing with no boys around...even if I did have to clean up the kitchen ;) ::

:: As I'm sitting here on the couch web-shopping I'm truly feeling like I'm in a bit of a weather warp because I want to shop for things like this:

:: Franco Sarto Riding Boots to wear with leggings or skinny jeans ::
:: LuLu's Savasana Wrap Jacket to wear with some skinny jeans tucked into the FS riding boots, sipping an 1/2 caf americano from *bucks...ohhhh me, ohhh my! ::
:: And wouldn't these just be super cute for a Christmas dinner? Ahhhh, just a little Christian Louboutin temptation! ::

:: But due to a vacation coming down the pipe sooner than later, I'm also wanting to shop for SALES on these types of things:

:: I've desired {obviously not needed} this watch for a few years now..and the desire isn't going away any time soon! I'm a sucker for white! ::

:: Cute 'lil slip on thongs from Tarje in rose gold ::
:: Or these cute knock off's also from Tarje for a super great deal compared to the originals ::
:: Or even these made by Reef - so cute and practical ::

:: But lets be real, these are the ones I REALLY want, but seriously cannot justify the price tag! But oh, Tory Burch...I love thee! :::: And look at this sweet dress from Charlotte Russe, I may just have to get me this little one and pack it away...for a month or two ::

:: Any guesses as to where we are going? ::

:: Hope y'all are having a great Saturday too! ::

Xo :: *S


Crystal said...

are you going back to hawaii?????:)

Candice said...

More specifically, my guess is Waikiki !!! *wink*

jamiedelaine said...

I WANT WINTER SO BAD. i'm over summer. overrr it!

Kori's House said...

LOVE Hawaii! Have fun!

PS - Got some of the sandles that look very similar to the Tory Burch sandals that you posted at AE. They were on sale for $19.99 and then when I went to pay for them they came up as $14.99!

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