:: Tim & Lacey Wed ::

:: Back about a month ago we attended the wedding of Tim & Lacey. It was a beautiful day with lots of details that reminded me of our wedding day! ::

:: Here are some of the shots I took from the ceremony ::

:: Lacey & her Father Grant, just before he gave her away ::

:: Tim willingly accepting her ::

:: Vowing their forevers ::

:: Once the ceremony wrapped up we headed straight out to the farm {Lacey's Parent's Farm} to set up the cake ~ Brides special request, a Rice Krispie Cake with Strawberries & Chocolate sauce...apparently it's Tim's favorite dessert ::
:: The details of the white flowers in all the different containers were beautiful, placed on the burlap and yellow plaid table clothes, it was beautiful! The details were all so well done - it was my kinda decor! ::

:: Here are some photo's of our friends from the reception ::

:: We had a lovely time dancing well into the night, what a great bash you threw Tim & Lacey...thanks for getting hitched, can we do it again next year ;) ::


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding, full of amazing details! Did Jamie go as a guest only?!

Thanks for sharing! Did you make the cake Shawna?! It is really neat!

natasha said...

thanks for making us famous! ;)
great shots, girl!

Chad & Trisha Bennett said...

Lovely pictures Shawna! It was such a great day!

jamiedelaine said...

oh there i am! ;)

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