:: Mom's Birthday ::

:: Mom's birthday is at the beginning of July...yeah, that's right, that's how long I've been away from my blog~good gracious! Anyway, we had a little BBQ to celebrate her special day ::
:: Here's the mainland family {the Island family couldn't make it to celebrate}, from left to right, Marm, Daddy, Mr. L, Jordan & Lindsey ::
:: Here are our little rug-rats...supposed to be eating! ::
:: Food, yummmmo! ::
:: Mom had requested Pavlova years ago, but I failed to make it, so I figured this year was as good as any! I don't use the recipe I linked to, but I figure they are all about the same ingredient wise...I use Martha Stewart's recipe, but the recipe now posted on her website is different to the one I had printed off now 9 years ago. So if you want my actual recipe {no fail!} just email me ::
:: Jacob and Cole gladly blew out the candles for the birthday girl! Ha! Such willing helpers! ::

:: Happy Birthday Marm ~ MCRO ::


Joanne said...

What a joy to be another year older! We just had a friend almost die....really makes you not want to complain about getting older....I am SO blessed!

Christy said...

Well done on the pavlova! Poo-poo that we missed it.
Happy Birthday Mum!

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