:: Happy 6 Months Jacob ::

:: Happy birthday to my wee son - I can't believe it was just 6 months ago that he entered into our world, my how the time flies! I did shed a little tear the other day when he was worming around on the floor trying to get to Daddy's magazines in the coffee table - He is just growing up far too fast :: Dr. Dobson has become my new best friend in trying to deal with the overwhelming thoughts of raising Jacob (and any other children) up to be Godly individuals - it is a truly overwhelming thought but as long as I take it one day at a time I figure all will work out for good! ::
:: Here are some 6 month pictures that I took of Jacob just prior to dinner ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Shawna and Paul....this little baby of yours is just yummy-cute! What a wonderful and precious little Jacob you have. God has indeed blessed you! I pray God will encourage you and guide you! And may He cover any mistakes we parents ever make!!! ;-) How can Jacob be 6 months already!?! WOW! And I think he gets cuter every time I see him....that kid is amazing!!!

Amanda said...

I can't believe that Jacob is 6 months already!! I agree with Kristin - he gets so much darn cuter every time I see him or see a picture! You and Paul have been blessed girl! Before you kow it you will be planning his first birthday party!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Sorry you can reach thru the screen and hit me! ha ha!

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