:: Crash ::

:: On Friday Paul was in a terrible car accident -- The MPV was turning across two lanes of traffic and Paul was in the inside lane and in the lane beside him was the civic. The blue van is Paul's - If you can believe it, his air bags didn't go off! But thankfully he is okay and everyone one was able to walk away from the crash - The police wrote a ticket to the MPV driver for taking an unsafe left turn in front of Paul and the civic ::


Amanda said...

OH MY!! I am glad to hear that Pual is okay and that everyone involved was safe! What an idiot! (For lack of a better word! Sorry!) I hate bad drivers! Again, I am glad Paul is safe!

Canadian Kristin said...

Wow. So scary! Angels were protecting Paul even if that airbag wasn't!!! SOOOOO glad to hear Paul is safe!

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