:: Snow Day cont ::

:: Mom here is a few more for you :) ::
:: Jacob and I playing @ Starbucks ::

:: Jacob watching the snow ::

:: Before Christmas arrived at our home ::

:: After Christmas arrived ::

(I love my new stocking holders they spell out P E A C E)


Canadian Kristin said...

Wow Shawna, looks sooooo cozy and welcoming at your house! I love those stocking holders, too!!! You guys are going to have the greatest Christmas ever, I'm so happy for you!

Phil & Nickie said...

Don't you just love the snow!! It makes everything look like a winter wonderland and feel like Christmas!!!

Keri's Collage... said...

Where did you find them?? That is exactly what I am looking for!
(Hi...I'm Kristin's sister!!)

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