:: 6 Month Photo Shoot Cont ::


Lisa B. said...

Now isn't he just delicious!!! Mmmmmm, I could just eat him up.

Great pics Shawna - we'll have to make sure to remember to tell Jacob when he's like 13 or 14 that you posted naked pictures of him on the internet. I'm sure he'll appreciate it! Haa haa

Canadian Kristin said...

Seriously, this boy has the most beautiful eyes ever. EVER! Wow...I can just see what joy Jacob brings to your family. What a blessed Mommy and Daddy you two are!!!

Christy MaC said...

Hey Shawna,
Love the pictures, so very cute! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas and see how much more he has grown. It's hard to believe it's been over a year since that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner hey? And what a boy to be thankful for! Love you tonnes!

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