:: Teething 101 ::

:: Rosey cheeks, no not Santa's they are Jacob's ::

:: We're trying to stay as organic as we can so Jacob is teething on carrots - just kidding, but it did do the trick this one time :) ::

:: Last Saturday Jacob went in for his 6 month shots at Dr. Schuurman's office - he recognized her and decided to scream at the top of his lungs before she started checking him out or giving him his shots ~ What a baby!?!??! ::

:: This is Jacob on Saturday night after the shock of his shots, as happy as can be at Uncle Matt's 29th Birthday celebration ::


Lisa B. said...

I have an awesome recipe for teething cookies - they can naw away on them for hours. I'll email it to you!

Phil & Nickie said...

I used to go to Dr. Schuurman too! Small world. The pictures are totally cute as always!

Canadian Kristin said...

Nothing like a good party to perk ya up!!! Great photos!!!!!

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