:: What to do...What to do??? ::

:: Mr. L just left on a trip with some of his buddies for the weekend. I'm here with lot's of plans but no real direction. There are so many things that I could do to fill my time - Plus the weather man says that it's supposed to be super sunny and hot this weekend so maybe doing more of this!?!? :::: Now, I do have a few things planned for the weekend as I have a wedding, baby & birthday to celebrate, but other than that...I don't know what to do! ::

:: Here is the list that's running through my mind ::

*Paint our room - I bought the paint months ago and I could probably get the job done while he's away...however the kids and everything else would probably go to pot!
* Paint the shed trim & patio trim
* Cut the lawn
* Weed the back gardens
* Finish organizing the basement...this project was started earlier in the week and is still partially finished or started {however you want to look at it!}
* Scrapbook our lives over the past 3 years! Ha!
* Update the blog {check - doing that now..sort of!}* Coupon clip...my latest addiction
* Organize father's days gifts - I hate feeling unorganized for events such as this!
* Fold/Iron/Put away laundry {my least desired chore}
* Clean the upstairs bathrooms, I think I can hear them calling my name!
* Sit straight ahead and watch "Say Yes to the Dress" all night long
* Put together my BeautiControl order
* Balance the budget and pay bills
* Re-organize the garage {why does this seem like a bi-weekly chore?!!?}

:: I know, don't all of these things sound so very inviting!?!?!? To say the least, I want to get caught up on some things that have been plaguing me since the beginning of Spring and now it's almost Summer - I better start knocking these things off my list! ::

:: At any rate TGIF - And hopefully I'll be able to update you with finished projects from this weekend!!!! Here's to a great weekend and a ton of accomplishments! ::


Meg Baxter said...

So I have heard lots about couponing and saw it again on Christy's blog. It's one thing to use a coupon, but can you give a tutorial on how to "stack" them to add up to SO MUCH savings?! Or direct me to a site you found easy to understand? I feel like I'm missing the boat! Thanks! Oh, and enjoy your Paul-less weekend. :)

Christy said...

You GO girl! I'm in the same boat.....lots on the to-do list while Trev is away too. Painting and weeding and laundry and organize sound familiar :)

Crystal said...

I think you should do nothing but play!! Beautiful weather, two crazy boys who need to run some steam off outside...get a starbucks, pull up a lawn chair, turn the sprinkler on and let the boys enterain themselves! but that is just me:) Cause my opion is if the mr is off playing with the boys, at least mama can stay home and have some fun with her little boys:) whatever you do, have a great weekend!

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