:: What do you think this means? ::

:: I'm sitting on my couch, surrounded by laundry {clean laundry that is!}, and I'm watching "It's Complicated" --- This is where this whole stinkin' post came from! ::

:: Anyway, near the very beginning of the movie there is a shot of the kitchen. I love it! Here it is for your viewing pleasure :::: I love the open shelves ::
:: The faucet, the farm sink, the herbs, the spoons/spatulas/whisks etc. & the wicker rolling blind ::
:: Ugh, and look at the stove! Not to mention the pot rack! The pendant lamps - ooohh la la! :::: And that marble slab island with the mis-matched butcher block cart ::

:: It all just flows, goes together and looks fabulous! Of course realistically the job of maintaining all the herbs, bowls of fruit etc. would be a full time job in itself! ::

:: Okay, so here's the humdinger of it all...I L O V E this kitchen, however I could never live in it...What do you think this means? ::

:: I love it, really I do but I love my kitchen counters clean, un-cluttered with just a few items on them. The look of having all of my dishes {as beautiful as they are} all exposed would give me constant heartburn! ::

:: Here is a quote from the director "Making movies is an accumulation of details" - So true isn't it!??!!? Now if I had that many details in my life, er kitchen...I'm sure at least one item would break a day! Details are great but in small doses {appropriate for small children too!} ::

:: This is really a post full of empty substance, but hope you enjoyed it :) ::

:: Oh, and I found all these pictures in this fabulous article ::


Kristin Erickson said...

My dream house would have THIS kitchen (from your post) and then a secret full kitchen beyond that door marked 'pantry'... that hidden kitchen is where I'd actually cook and make messes but no one would know!

susan said...

Beautiful kitchen but I would seriously go crazy if I had all that stuff on my counters!! Like put me in a straight jacket & lock me away - CRAZY!
Yet, on the other hand a modern, sterile "clean" kitchen would be far too cold for me.

I'm a weirdo. How was the movie?

Crystal said...

I think it means you are a woman, which means you are complicated like the rest of us:)*grin*
you would probably die in my kitchen than because there isn't a time when my counters are clear!

Theresa said...

I think it means that we always want what we don't have! Your kitchen is lovely but that is definitely a MOVIE kitchen. All that crap everywhere and all so clean? That's why it's so beautiful, because it's not real. That's the beauty of the movies! Plus it would have cost them all kinds of money to make it look that messy :) Who needs that when you have two boys?!

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