:: Wishing & Dreaming ::

*SideNote: One of the benefits of Mr. L being away is I get full reign of the laptop...which makes blogging so much easier! Continue on to the real purpose of this post ;)

:: Okay, so as I've stated on here before, we both feel most "at home" when we are close to the ocean. I don't know how to explain it, it just feels like home! Well, moving to the bach {let alone Hawaii - one of our dreams} in our lifetime will probably be out of the question plus I don't think they have Plantation style homes on the water in Hawaii! And y'all know how much of a sucker I am for a Plantation style home! I really love Cape Cod style homes...but bottom line I am a sucker for a traditional Plantation home {another reason I think I may be from the South! HA} ::

:: When I was driving through Washington state the other day I saw one of my favorite old homes {not plantation style} up for sale...being the nosy person I am - I came home and looked it up. I found it along with some very reasonably priced homes, just across the border from our home in Canada ::

:: If I could pick a home, close too our families {not in Hawaii}, right on the sea, this would be it..close enough to home, yet far enough away - the benefits of both worlds! ::

:: I just drool every time I see these photos from this site - Click on photos for larger view :::: Here is the exterior - bah, how I love it! :::: The library or one of the bedrooms - look at those floors! :::: This kitchen, it's a beauty! :::: Upstairs hallway :::: The kids bathroom :::: Front Porch overlooking Birch Bay ::

:: This shot of the front porch really shows you the depth and length of the porch, isn't it amazing!?!? ::

:: So here are the statistics on this house ::
Built in 2006
2858 square feet
on 0.24 acre {10,000 square feet of land}
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms

:: And all that {including the ocean view and direct access to the beach} for the bargain price of $595,000 - now in all seriousness, that is a serious deal in this area! ::

:: Ahhh, now back to dreamin' :) ::


Christy said...

Wanna go halfers???

Jason and Kristin said...

Ok now you have me dreaming too!!! What a gorgeous place, and a seriously gorgeous price :)

cathy said...

Oooh I love it!

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