:: More Oregon ::

:: Did I mention that my parents came down to meet us in Oregon? They did, just for a few days of our vacation...we had a great time adventuring around the Coast with them...The boys thought it was especially fun the Grammie & Gramps got to come down ::

:: These next two shots are of the boys seeing each other after Jacob was at the washroom for 5 minutes, you would think they hadn't seen each other in weeks! So cute and just warmed my heart ::

:: Cole and Mama, really happy to be taking pictures - Ha! ::
:: Our adventures at the candy shop...the boys were so overwhelmed, ha ha, they didn't know what they wanted! ::

:: Gramps and JJ looking at Haystack Rock -- I believe that Jacob had just pick-pocketed Gramps' pocket and found some change to put in the binoculars ::
:: The boys driving their "Digger-Lexus" on the beach...that is until the battery ran out and Daddy had to push it back to the parking lot! ::
:: My boys at the shore ::
:: G&G and my boys ::
:: Moi, hanging on the beach, reading and enjoying the view ::

:: We stayed at a great little campground in Cannon Beach, the boys had so much fun on their bikes and at the play ground. It was just perfect! ::

:: Here's the sunset we caught from a local State park, it was awesome! ::

:: Here are Mr. L & JJ in the local CB kite shop, this is the kite shop that Mr. L went to when he visited Oregon with his family growing up. So it was crazy for him to take our kids to it! ::

:: Oh, here I am! ::

:: And some beach play time {there is our MH in the background} ... We had a beautiful time away... ::

:: So much so, we came home ... ::

:: And started planning our next trip ... Any guesses where our next big trip is? {cause you know these things don't happen overnight!} ::


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you and your family doing well, Shawna.

Great pictures. Your mom never seems to age! Constable Bob, on the other hand... ;)

Shawna said...

Thanks for posting a comment Jordan! It's always nice to know who is out there reading my blah blah blah ;)

Shawna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christy said...

Yay! Pictures!

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