:: Moving...Yes! ::

:: So we are moving on April 19th and up until Thursday you would not have known! I had done absolutely no packing. Until my great friend Lisa called up and said that she had a whole wack load of boxes that her Dad picked up for us from Tim Hortons (Thanks Tom!) and she said I'm going to bring them over and we're going to start packing...Oi!!! My Mom & Dad also dropped by to bring us some packing paper - Thanks Mom & Dad, you saved my china!!! ::
:: In just over 6 hours we had packed up almost all of our decorative stuff (in the whole house), our china cabinet, a portion of the kitchen, our coat closet and storage area - Not bad eh!?!?! We were also taking care of 3 kids under three at the same time! ::
:: Lisa packing up the kitchen ::
:: Our living/dining room completely bare and packed up ::
:: THANKS Lisa - I couldn't have done it without you! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

A friend to help do all that packing: priceless! It must feel great to have accomplished soooo much!!! Well done!!!

Lisa B. said...

Phewwww! I think my body is still recovering! That was hard work ~ but well worth it.

Glad to be of service....the Baker box and moving company will be back next week for ROUND TWO!

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