:: Our GOOD Friday ::

:: We spent our Good Friday with our friends Matt & Lisa and their girls Madelyne & Emma. We started off the day with a fabulous brunch and then decided that we must go outside and enjoy God's Creation! ::
:: My boys ready to walk :::: Jacob looking for his girlfriends :::: We ran into Uncle Ken & Aunty Evie removing some unwanted bushes from their front yard so we had to stop and chat...:::: The Guys & Madelyne pretended to help :) :: :: The Guys walking and Madelyne hitching a ride ::
:: Beautiful Cherry Blossoms and Blue Sky = Nothing better ::
:: Madelyne listening to Uncle Paul from on the other side of the playground ::
:: Madelyne blowing bubbles ::
:: Jacob fell asleep just before we arrived at the park - what a party pooper! :: :: Enjoying a drink @ The Wired Monk ::
:: Yes, yet another self portrait ::
:: Our little Cookie Monster ::
:: Jacob playing out on the deck once we returned home ::

:: Thanks for the great day Matt & Lisa ~ We had a blast! ::

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

We had a great day as well! Thanks for all the fun and the wonderful pics of the girls.

Love you guys!
The "Pink" Bakers

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