:: Island Life ::

:: While on the Island we were able to take in some of the beautiful sites - below are some of my pictures. Our province is a really, really beautiful place and the Island is just one
of those places ::
:: Jacob enjoying the boat ride over ::

:: Paul watching over Jacob ::
:: Baker in the background ::

:: Cole with a very serious face due to the fact that he was not aloud to get out of the stroller like his older brother! ::

:: Plants facing the sun ::
:: Hand painted fabrics ::
:: Walking through town ::
:: Sweet flower baskets ::

:: Fun cars ::

:: Lovely looking shops ::


Jennifer said...

Looks beautiful Shawna. Your pictures are always so nice. Next time you and your camera are in chilliwack feel free to stop by and snap some pics ;) I have at least 5 interesting subjects :)

Cathy said...

Looked like a beautiful family visit! Makes me excited for my two night stay in Victoria in October :D

Love all of your photos, they really captured your trip it seems.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that picture of Mr. Cole! His expression is priceless!

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