:: Denay Catherine ::

:: Then just a mere 48 hours after we celebrated my Mom's birthday we received a fabulous phone call from my younger brother Trevor announcing that his wife Christy gave birth to their first child. A little girl! ::

:: Denay Catherine was born on July 10th @ 9:30 pm in the comfort of her very own home (you are one brave girl Christy!) ::
:: The delightful little bundle weighed in @ 7lbs 2 oz and 18 inches long ::
:: Congratulations to the two new parents - T & C, you will be great parents...just you wait! ::

:: Now you are a family of three - T, C & Baby D ::


Jennifer said...

What a little sweetie!! Congrats!
PS. Delish cupcakes! Thanks again :)

Cathy said...

What a beautiful little girl they had with beautiful hair!

Way to go on the home birth! They seem like naturals already (and they look so gloriously in love with her too!)


Amanda said...

Denay is such a beauty! Congrats again Aunty Shawna!

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