:: In our Fathers shoes ::

:: Yesterday Paul was out cutting the grass * Jacob was too :: :: Jacob followed closely watching to make sure he was right in stride with Daddy ::
:: "I must follow in Daddies footsteps, cause that's the right way" he was thinking ::
:: "I'm right with ya Dad, don't worry" ::
:: When Daddy got too far away from him he ran to catch up ::
:: And when he couldn't see where Daddy went, he called out for him and waited ::
:: Do we do this with our Heavenly Father? Do you follow in His footsteps daily with each little thing, do you run to catch up to Him, to you make sure you are in perfect stride with His will for you life, when you can't see Him do you call out to Him and wait ::
:: I try to but don't always succeed, or sometimes forget, or get too busy for {how bad, eh?}, but this is just a reminder that He is always there, waiting not too far away, for YOU! ::
:: Have a great day, I'm off to get ready for visitors...done my run, made breakfast for the family and now off to shower up. It's Friday and I have an exciting day tomorrow {more about that later}. Mirëmëngjes {good day} ::


Laura said...

Thanks for that great reminder this morning.

Laura said...

Josh saw a little boy following his Dad mowing the lawn... said he can't wait until he gets to do that with his kids one day. I think it's so great that you blog these things ~ it's the everyday blessings that make life so special! And I know that God feels how Josh does... He just can't wait for these special times with His children

Joanne said...

Thanks, Hon....a darling reminder of the truth of our Heavenly Father...mcro

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