:: Date Night ::

:: I almost forgot to post about our date night last week!!! It was a great night. "NaNa" (Paul's Mum) came to take care of the boys while we went out in search of something good to eat, after we hit the bank to pay a bill (how romantic eh!?!!?). Anyway we wanted to go to a far away land where we could have a nice quiet dinner. Where did we end up you say? Oh, about 3 block from our home...yeah we're into real adventure here! :: :: However you don't have to go South of the Border to get good Mexican food (well, then again maybe you do!). We ended up at "Pepitta's" on Fraser Highway and it was delish ::
:: Bottomless chips and salsa - this reminded me of the days we used to go to Chi Chi's after church at Johnson Heights :::: Paul had the Fajita's -- They were HUGE! ::
:: I was being good -- and had the taco salad, it was delish - I had pulled chicken on top....mmm thinking of it now makes me want to go back! :::: Then we headed to Red Robin for dessert and coffee, yep you got it two restaurants in one night! It was lotsa fun! ::
:: After dessert & coffee we went to Superstore to pick up a few misc. things and then headed home. It was a great night out with my love and I hope to do it again very soon! ::


Lovella said...

Oh we still miss Chi Chi's. Thanks for the hint about another awesome mexican restaraunt. I'll look for you there. . .smile.

Lisa B. said...

Yum yum....I'm salivating after reading your post.

Looks like a great night out.

YoMama said...

Sounds like a terrific night out...I think there's a coupon in the book.

susan santos said...

Oh Chi Chi's I remember it well. I think my parents liked it because kids ate for 99 cents if I recall. The big treat for us was if we could have a pop or not!! Us Frugal Fleggs!

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