:: Nature Shots ::

:: Random Shots of the blooming (in a good way) world -- I shot these while Jacob was busy playing with his bike ::
:: Hope you are enjoying this spring as much as I am --- Last year at this time I was caught up in packing up our townhouse, moving into my parents suite and then completely reno-ing this place...so I really didn't get to breath in Spring like I have this year. I adore Spring, almost as much as Fall ::

:: The above pic is of one of our two cherry blossom trees...some peoples have bloomed, ours won't for another couple weeks, I can be patient. I love when our street is in full bloom. It's stunning! ::

1 comment:

Christy said...

Isn't it wonderful! Looked on onto the deck today and I have managed to not kill my rose bush and it's started to grow sprouts and buds! I love spring! Gorgeous shots.......

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