:: Clean and Cleaner ::

:: Yesterday while Paul was at a meeting after work, Jacob and I went outside to clean off the driveway from the dirt that was left over from the dismantlement of the root ball. It took us a good 1.5 hours to spray off and sweep the remaining dirt, I mean roots, I mean clay....It was crazy! ::
:: Jacob was a great helper, he personally picked up each rock and washed off the dirt. With his mouth. fabulous. He eventually figured out that dirt don't taste so good ::
:: Once Jacob had fallen into the hole from tree, that was now filled with water he got stripped down and put in the car. I then detailed the car while Jacob opened/closed/open/closed/open/closed the garage and turned every switch, knob, button to the "on" position. It was great fun ::
:: It felt great to clean off the dirty winter grime on the car and vacuum up all the little crumbs that come with having a 22 month old ::
:: To say the least, Jacob slept well! ::

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