:: YaY ::

:: And they are done. Our taxes have been plaguing me this year. I just wasn't finding the time to get them finished. I like to do most of them myself and make as little work as possible for the accountant (this equals less money spent on accountant bills)::
:: I was almost finished this laborious task on Tuesday night when I hit some funky key combination on my keyboard and lost my whole excel document. Upset was not the word I would use, I was furious. I have never done that before and I continually re-save my work as I go through it to avoid such things from happening. I didn't do anything further that night, heck it was already 12:30 am ::
:: So last night after I got the boys settled into bed, I hit the computer and started from scratch. It's now done and off to the accountant - Yippee ::


Lovella said...

Shawna, hooray .. . good job. Oh I felt a little sick at the thought of having to redo. Yikes.

Oh your header is just beautiful.

Lisa B. said...

Whooo hooo, finally the taxes are done.

If you feel like celebrating we'd love to take the boys for you one night & set you and Pauly free.

Mom said...

So sorry for your computer glitch!! But glad you are done with them...no more monkey on your back!!

Charlene Witt said...

Oh that reminds me...maybe I should take care of our taxes too.......mmmmmmmmmm, better get crackin'!

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