:: Big Boy Bike ::

:: My parents neighbour is moving and didn't want to take two identical trikes with him, so we left one at my parents place and brought the other one home. Since it was such a nice day today I thought I would let Jacob have a try on his very first bike ::

::He loved it. Didn't quite get the concept of peddling but he'll get there! ::

:: I love these shots I got of him - he was in his own little world, I just loved watching him ::


Charlene Witt said...

The funniest thing is watching them try and do two things at once. Paige can hold the handle bars and steer or pedal. If she tried to do both, she ends up in the street...it is so cute!

Joanne said...

Just love the moments you captured!! Gotta' love the wee boy workin' things out...love watchin' the mind work.

Canadian Kristin said...

I feel God in that last picture. Breathtaking.

Lovella said...

love these shots.

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