:: I'm lost...::

::...In digital scrapbooking land. I didn't think I would ever be converted. But with the busy life we lead I just wasn't getting my scrapbooking done, let alone printing out my photos ::

:: So ever since I attended a class my friend Tania put on, on Saturday night - I've been hooked ::

:: There are so many benefits to scrapbooking digitally ::

#1 ~ you don't pay for printing picture and then crop the whole darn thing down

#2 ~ you can do it from your computer, no mess, nothing to clean up - just hit save and come back to it later

#3 ~ there are plenty of "free" digital sites to download things off of

#4 ~ less time working on my photo albums + less money = happy Shawna

:: Here is one of my first pages ::

:: No joke, this page took me less than an hour to arrange and finalize..including the journaling ~ Unbelievable, I'm sold!!! ::
:: Edited to say ::
:: I am using a program that was on our computer when we bought it. It's called Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 ::


Canadian Kristin said...

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I am afraid to dabble for fear I'll be totally hooked, too! :-) What program are you using?

Joanne said...

hmmm...looks VERY interesting...you might have to give me a lesson or two when I get back...

Nickie said...

Hmmm.... I may need to try that as well! I haven't scapped in months!

Lovella said...

One of my dil's is doing this too, it is amazingly cheap and it looks so fantastic.

Amanda said...

I am still not converted......

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