:: I didn't ::

:: Here's a little story for you... ::

:: The other morning when I wasn't at Tim Hortons at 7.50 am ::

:: I didn't try to park & ignore my rear sensing system ::

:: I also didn't run into that lovely green Ford F150 parked behind me ::

:: Then I didn't have to leave my boys in the car while I went into Tim Hortons filled with only construction workers - to find owner of green F150! ::

:: I didn't walk around to every table in a VERY busy
Tim Hortons, asking who owned the green F150 ::

:: I didn't get to the final table and find the man that actually owned the green F150 ::

:: When I didn't realize that he was going deaf and needed me to raise my voice and tell him that I had hit his F150, so loud that all could hear ::

:: And all didn't go silent when I did state what had happened ::

:: And he didn't just say "that's okay, thanks for your honesty" ::

:: So I didn't respond..."don't you want to make sure there is no damage?" ::

:: And he didn't respond with "nah, I trust ya...thanks for letting me know" ::

:: And I didn't just faint from pure trauma and embarrassment to my system ::

:: No No, none of these things happened to me ::

:: Me, no never! ::

:: No not me! ::


Lisa B. said...

Oh my word...how's YOUR van?

Lisa B. said...

I do love the fact that you're willing to share these snipits of life with us - we should all write down things things like this that happen to us, and one day, when we're old and gray, we'll have a great story to read and laugh out loud at :-)

The Samy's said...

hahaha Shawna, you crack me up!!! Did you seriously faint? A couple of weeks after Bobby bought me my Jeep Liberty for my birthday I backed up into someones 1990 tercel, and all I did was sit there and say " I just didn't do that did I?" Needless to say it got written off cause it costs more then what its worth, so now I just pray protection over myself and my truck!

Crystal said...

that's so funny because after our girls night last night we were standing in the parking lot by Browns Restaurant chatting away when a guy in a truck backed right into a big old 70's van:)haha! We all stood there praying we didn't have to be witnesses, and enjoyed the embarassed driver walk over and inspect to see if there were damages.

Ps. hopefully you can make it one of these nights!

Christy said...


FunkyMomma said...

Oh Shawna, that sounds like something I would do, and perhaps have done similar.
I am great at running into parked cars! OI!
Its nice to see that honesty pays off!

Shawna said...

FYI :: In all seriousness ::

I truly didn't damage my vehicle at all 'cause I got this lovely hitch on the back of my ride so that is what went crunch with the F150's license plate.

I have been known to be in a few accidents, so much so that there was a skit at our wedding of my crashing my cars...again and again and again.

At any rate, I have a had a really good record...but watch out I may just run over you if my rear sensor dies on me =)

Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds like something that would happen to me lol!!

Jessi said...

You're silly...and I love that you're so honest...praise the lord for hitches! I've never been in an accident with anyone else, but I did scrape the side of my truck on a cement beam in the underground parking of our condo...I remember thinking...uh oh...do I go forward or keep backing up to get out this? either way made for bigger scratches...oh well, it's just a car...thankfully not a person!

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness~you rock!

Canadian Kristin said...


Amanda said...

I too have a rear censor and have ignored how close I am getting. I however haven't hit anything yet. Maybe I SHOULD start trusting that annoying beep!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! After reading this I couldn't help but reminisce about that night that we caused those 2 girls to run over the median!!! I can still totally remember the look on their faces as they stared us down going through the intersection! Much love from one car crasher to another! PS. Looking forward to catching up on Thursday! L. XO

Nickie said...

haha! so funny! I love that everyone stopped talking right as you announced you had hit his truck!

Shawna said...

I know...I'm a good sport and I'm sure God got quite the giggle at my expense!

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