:: Fall = Oatmeal ::

:: I don't know how you eat your oatmeal in your house, but we eat ours dry, in a bowl, with a digger in it, then we proceed to play not eat ::

:: Happy Oatmeal Eating ~ Did I mention that I LOVE Fall? ::
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Dustin and Chelsey said...

Hey Shawna,
How are you? This is totally unrelated, but my blog is private now(thanks to my M-I-L) so let me know your blogger email and I will add you!
Hope you're great!

The Samy's said...

Oh yes, I have learned from my nephews that diggers can go pretty much anywhere.

FunkyMomma said...

I love your new header!

Jessi said...

Love the new header...Cole looks so much like your dad in that top right photo...what a doll! They both are, anxious to hear all your fall secrets...decorating tips and see your family grow! Cheers, to the best season of all!

Trista Cooper said...

Hi Shawna, I love your new blog header. I would like to start a blog and was wondering if you could help me get started.
Thanks Trista

Lisa B. said...

Love the new header - looks fab!


googler said...

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