:: Kake for K ::

:: I was requested a while back to do up a cake for a photo shoot for a 1st birthday. The request was simple - blue and brown polka dots w/ vanilla icing and chocolate cake...easy enough, one would think. But the pressure to have it "perfect" for this sweet boys first birthday photo shoot was clearly evident as I met Sarah to deliver the finished product ::

:: You can check out the rest of the photo's on Jillian Kirby's site here. It is such a fun idea especially when you have a sweet boy such as "K" ::

:: Happy 1st Birthday "K" - I hope you enjoyed your cake made just for you! ::


Lisa B. said...

Beautiful cake and lovely photos too! How fun to have your work in such beautiful pics.

The Samy's said...

Such a beautiful cake!!! looks yummy and is making me want a piece!

FunkyMomma said...

Thanks Shawna for such a wonderful cake to go in these awesome pictures that I will treasure forever! I can't wait to dig into it tonight! The parts I sampled off Kaylum yesterday, yummmmmmy!

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