:: October ::

:: Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, last weekend was very full, full of life and lots of it ::

:: The weekend weather was perfect and we took every advantage of it {more on that later} ::

:: I will be posting more tomorrow but I just wanted to say hello, I'm still here, just busy with life. Please forgive me, and if you don't, well I don't know what will happen ;) ::

:: Here's to ::

:: eating too much turkey at Thanksgiving ::
:: remembering what we are thankful for ::
:: cozy nights inside watching a new season of shows ::
:: eating too much candy after Halloween ::
:: going for walks and listening to the colourful leaves crunch underfoot ::
:: oh, and candy corn...can't forget that candy corn! ::

:: See it is lovely isn't it!?!!? ::


susan said...

Missing you...but I understand being busy.

anika said...

love fall for all those reasons! (especially the candy corn)

Lisa B. said...

I'm awaiting our date to make homemade caramel corn....that's my kind'a FALL!

Roo said...

oh count me in on the making caramel corn day:) PLEASE!!

Chris & Family said...

Love fall too, don't like the fact that it soon means cold weather and snow but....

superior said...

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