:: Pumpkin Patch {sort of!} ::

:: Due to our Hawaiian vacation in the beginning portion of October, we didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch until it was almost too late! But we fit it in going to a local farm market on Saturday - just enough of a memory to make it fun for the boys and to provide Mr. L and I with something to do while we watched a movie later that night ;) ::

:: Here is my little family & one of the pumpkins ::

:: Out boys with their treats, they were served popcorn and hot chocolate for free --- Ahh, I love this market! ::

:: Lookin' at all the goods ::

:: Off they go to pick out some pumpkins with Daddy ::

:: Later that night Mr. L and I made short work of carving the pumpkins...mine is the traditional Jack O Lantern and Mr. L's is a little more creative. The next morning the boys woke up to see them on the counter and they called up to us, "Mum, Dad...come see! There are Jack O Yanterns on the counter!!!" It was so sweet that they were so excited about them! ::

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Christy said...

Yanterns! I love those boys....

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