:: Cole's 3rd Birthday ::

:: Back in November my "baby" turned three *insert soft sobbing now* --- We had a digger party at his request...so out comes all the diggers in yellow, a big 'ol digger cake and lots of family

:: Here is the cake, it turned out a little differently than I had originally planned, you see Cole wanted to help aka: destroy! My perfectionist tendencies had to go to the back burner for the happiness of the birthday boy ;) ::

:: He picked out this birthday banner, we have always used the same tacky banner over our fireplace, but he wanted two...so here is the second one along with some digger decor ::
:: Coles birthday candy bar ::
:: His birthday photo collage, one photo from each year of his life and two from the months just before he turned 3 ::

:: Traditional photo in front of the fireplace under the tacky birthday banner - ha! ::
:: Nana & Papa L came to celebrate too ::
:: As well as Uncle & Aunty {We're missing Coles other Aunts & Uncles and 4 cousins} ::
:: The birthday boy in all his glory! ::
:: Friend Madelyne & Emma enjoying their lasagna dinner ::
:: Grammie hanging at the men's table ::
:: This is a full set of photos from Cole & Mr. L --- I asked Cole to smile, so he frowned, nice! HA HA ::
:: Our big 3 year old boy and his cake & balloons ::
:: Family photo ::
:: Getting ready to hack into the cake ::
:: This was the first year Cole was really into his cards and unwrapping the presents, it was just pure joy seeing his face open all the gifts ::
:: Thank you to all of our family who came to celebrate with Coley -- to those who couldn't be there, we sure missed you! ::

:: We have already started planning his birthday theme for this upcoming November, it is a Pirate theme party & he gets to invite his school friends, exciting times people, very exciting! We picked up the invites on Tuesday when we were shopping, he is a planner just like his Mama ;) ::

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Christy said...

I LOVE the collage with Paul & Cole!!!

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