:: Whistler No. 1 ::

:: On Friday Paul got home around 1:45 and we were on the road by 2:15. We had a few stops to make and by 3:45 we were on our way. We arrived in Whister at 5:30, which was perfect. An now comes the fun part, giving Paul his 5 gifts...his first one was the surprise and the second one was movies to watch while up in Whister...it was so fun preparing all of his 5 gifts! ::
:: We decided that our gifts to each other would be writing a letter and this was by far my most favorite part of the weekend - Paul wrote me an amazing letter ::
:: On Saturday we woke up and had cinnamon buns, fruit and porridge and then went for a long walk through town, enjoyed some Starbucks and watching Jacob adventurize; it was such a great day!!! ::
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